NGP ETP invests in companies that provide products and services to the oil and gas, power, environmental, energy efficiency and alternative energy sectors. We partner with experienced management teams executing on focused business plans targeting established commercial markets with compelling products or services. Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we actively work with our portfolio companies to create value without micromanaging.

We invest in businesses with meaningful commercial revenue/cash flow and companies formed in partnership with management teams to grow organically or through acquisitions. We invest based on long-term fundamental analysis, not short-term market trends, and look to establish lasting relationships with our portfolio company teams.

Our investments can take the form of growth capital, buyout capital, start-up funding for companies formed with management teams, and private investments in publicly-traded companies. Our growth investments typically represent a minority, non-control position, with proceeds used to fund a company's strategic plan; our buyout investments typically represent a majority control position and can be accompanied by the use of debt for cash flow positive businesses.

We provide value-added support including, but not limited to, developing and refining long-term strategic plans, offering strategic guidance, identifying and helping retain senior management, utilizing NGP ETP’s vast industry network, sharing best practices across the portfolio, accelerating acquisition efforts and sourcing debt or equity capital. Our typical investment ranges between $5 million and $30 million in transactions of up to $100 million. We also have led investment rounds of up to $100 million. Our preference is to lead transactions and invest in North American companies, although we take an opportunistic view to investing and are always open to hearing from high-quality management teams.