NGP Investment Team

Founded in 1988, NGP Energy Capital Management (“NGP ECM”) is a premier investment franchise in the natural resources industry, which together with its affiliates has managed approximately $19.5 billion in cumulative committed capital since inception. The firm’s investment platform includes Natural Gas Partners, which is a family of private equity funds that makes direct equity investments in the energy and natural resources sectors (including the exploration and/or production of hydrocarbons and the processing, transportation, storage and/or logistics relating to hydrocarbons, and the oilfield and related energy services sector); NGP Global Agribusiness Partners, which focuses its investment opportunities in the Food & Agriculture industries; and NGP Energy Technology Partners, which invests in companies that provide products and services to the oil and gas, power, environmental, alternative energy and energy efficiency industries. NGP Energy Capital Management is based in Irving, TX with offices in Houston, TX, Stamford, CT, Santa Fe, NM and Washington, DC.